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About Our Company

Closet Outlet is a Licensed Manufacturer of the Revolving Closet Systems.

Closet Outlet is located in St. Cloud, Florida and is fully equipped for the mass manufacturing of the Rotational Closet Systems. We are ready to service the reselling Cabinet and Closet makers to enhance their unique products with the unique nature of the products we manufacture under our license.

We stock certain common sizes and colors of the Revolving Closet Systems, but as there are 62 different variations, it is impossible to keep every unit in stock. We offer four basic standard colors being White, Almond, Grey and Cocoa.

We strive to ship out most orders that are received within 10 days from order. All our orders are well packaged in crates to avoid transit damage. We ship all our products by Ground Freight and arrive at the destination anywhere from next day for close by areas and as little as 4-5 days in remote areas.


We also manufacture the recently designed Stabilizing Dock, The ROTAS bearings, and the Stabilizing Arm to complete the full list of items that are required for the safe installation of the product. The Stabilizing Dock gives the base of the Revolving Closet System a "Pinch-Free" assembly by enclosing the bearing assembly in a stable and sealed unit. The Stabilizing Arm that is installed at the top of the unit ensures that the unit will never "Tip" or loose its balance while rotating on the ROTAS Bearing.

The Revolving Closet System revolves on a Patent Pending ROTAS revolving bearing device. The ROTAS bearing can hold weights upwards of 8,000 pounds without having to balance the loads.

We offer a complete downloadable Specification & Design Guide available to Dealers and Resellers. Further we offer an Electronic Pricing Guide to give you a full listing of the currently 62 designs available for immediate order.

We are committed to providing a sensational product range of unique revolving furniture designed to increase the storage areas in an already cramped closet space.

Approved Exclusive Area 
Revolving Closets Seller

With aggressive expanding plans, we invite "Re-sellers", "Dealers" and "Manufacturers" to contact us in providing a healthy return while re-selling our Revolving Closet Systems with their own product. Some of our current dealers tell us that even when they give the unit to the client at no charge, they attract more new clients, close more jobs, and are able to maintain a higher margin from their competition that don't offer the Revolving Closets product lines. 

Manufacturers and resellers are invited to apply for a Dealership with provisions of purchasing the shell units, and further enhancing the units with their own inputs. We also offer full Manufacturing sub-licensing to quality shops in Metropolitan areas who show the potential of providing us the growth that we constantly seek.

As we add more partner network participants to our already strong representation in the industry, we invite you to take a look at what we can do together as partners and gain more clients, larger orders, excellent word-of-mouth advertisement and virtually no competition in the products that we will let you have an exclusive dealership in a designated geographical area.

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