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  • How do I ensure the spinner is in the correct location in the corner?
    The Lazy Lee Revolving Storage Units are designed to function with a minimum of 3/4 inch from the wall. When placed at this distance from the wall, it revolves freely. The minimum distance is measured from the nearest object, and therefore if there is base-boards, then the distance of the 3/4 inch is measured from the base-board. An easy way of getting the measure correct, use one of the cabinet panels (being careful not to damage or scratch it), and place this against the wall or the baseboard. Then move the bottom disk of the revolving unit to this panel. If this is done on both sides of the corner, then this is the best use of your space and the unit will revolve freely. Ensure that the bottom disk is level and revolves freely before going ahead to install the rest of the cabinet. You may notice large gaps in the ball bearings in the raceway of the ROTAS bearing. This is necessary for the ROTAS to operate correctly. If packed with the baring balls, then the unit will not spin as freely as it should.
  • Which way should the Lockdowel slots be running on the Bottom Disc so I know which side is left/right in reference to the labels?
    The Lazy Lee revolving storage unit is designed to be installed from either side and there is no Front or Back. However, while installing, if you are pushing the vertical side partitions away from you and towards the wall, then it will be easier. If this is done in reverse, then the vertical side partitions will hit the wall prior to sitting into the slots. If the "Fat" part of the slot is away from your direction of installation, then rotate the bottom disk 180° so the fat part of the slot is nearest to you.
  • Which direction do the Lockdowel slots run on the side panels when placing it on the bottom disc?
    The Lazy Lee Revolving Storage Unit has been designed with all similar parts and each one of the similar part fit in the same location. The base units arrives with the following parts: One Bottom Disk One Middle Disk One Top Disk Four Side partitions 2 Middle Partitions 12 Half-Moon Shelves 12 Rectangular Shelves 4 Half-Moon Braces Please refer to the assembly instructions for the simple step by step guidance to the installation of your new unit.
  • Why won’t the Half-Moon Braces and Half-Moons assemble correctly?
    The Half-Moon braces are engineered to fit at any one of the four locations. They are also reversible so that there is no top or bottom. The holes in the Half-Moon braces will line up perfectly to the Half-Moon Shelves. If for some reason you have difficulty in the assembly, then the following try the following: The Half-Moon shelves are not fitting perfectly to the Side Panel, as there is a small gap between the shelf and the vertical partition. In this case, slide off the Half-Moon shelf and using a rubber mallet, ensure that the Lockdowel fastener is sitting perfectly into the edge of the Half-Moon shelf If the Half-Moon is drooping downwards for some reason, then with care raise it to the hole location on the Half-Moon Brace until the wooden dowel slips into the Brace.
  • Can the units be installed on thick carpet?
    Our Revolving Storage Units may be installed on carpet - even deep pile carpet. Care must be taken when installing in extra padded deep pile carpets, as the wobble of the vertical cabinet may be noticed. It is important that the installation is secured with our "Stabilizing Pin" at the top of the unit. If you need further information, please feel free to call us.
  • How do you lubricate the unit?
    The ROTAS Bearing is a patent pending design, especially engineered to perform without any type of lubrication. The materials used in the manufacturing process perform best when totally free of any lubricating agents. If for some reason lubrication is applied, the unit will perform less efficiently and may even stop functioning due to the lubrication collecting dust and grime which will cause friction within the ROTAS bearing.
  • What happens if something falls behind the unit?
    If the Lazy Lee Revolving Storage Unit is installed per specification of 3/4 inch between the disks and the wall, there should be nothing bigger than the 3/4 inch width that will fall behind. We recommend a backer board diagonally behind the unit and the corner to ensure that the Revolving Unit "Sweeps" any item that tip off the shelf and should be easily retrieved. If however any items remain behind or stuck in the revolving unit, then it may have to be retrieved by sliding the unit out.
  • What products can be used to clean the unit?
    Any slightly wet soft cloth or furniture dusting spray may be used to clean the unit. Do not use any abrasives or harsh chemicals on the surface of the unit as this may scratch, discolor or the chemicals may react with the finish rendering the finish to be marred.
  • What do you do if the floor is out of level?
    If the floor is not level, this is a quick fix. Plastic, metal, or wood shims can be used to level the ROTAS to create the level surface required. This can be accomplished by placing shims under the ROTAS, then checking level by placing your leveling device on top of the ROTAS. Once the ROTAS looks pretty close to level, you can attach the ROTAS to the floor, and start piecing the spinner together.
  • Can the unit be moved?
    Yes, the revolving unit can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled as you like due to our Lockdowel construction. Please call (833)-771-3838 for further instructions and watch our assemble video online. Please note that this product is made from a natural resource “wood” and can be damaged if careless actions are taken. Closet Outlet does not warranty parts broken during this process. Our warranty covers faulty materials and manufacturing or damages while shipping the product to you. If any damage occurs once you take possession, then we cannot be held responsible for this.
  • Can I get extra shelving?
    Extra or replacement shelves are available from us at time of purchase or any time later. When you make the decision to purchase the unit with extra shelves, the unit will be engineered to receive the extra shelves when the revolving storage unit is manufactured. If purchased at a later time, then we would need the details of the size, color and location of the shelf so that we may send you the correct shelf to fit the unit you have. The price is dependent on the series of the unit, the color and material finishes.
  • Can drawers be added?
    The drawer package can be atted to our Elite, Super Elite and Ultimate Series of the Revolving Storage Units. When we manufacture your drawers at the time you purchase the unit, we engineer the side vertical partitions to receive the drawer hardware directly to itself. If the drawers are ordered at a later date, then you would need a "Drawer Insert" that has new sides and therefore the side walls will be twice as thick. The drawer insert packages range from 3 to 5 drawers, with different heights of each drawer. Therefore the purchase of drawers after you have received your unit is quite complicated and should be avoided. If however you supply the necessary specifications, then we can build a drawer insert for installation to the Revolving Storage Unit.
  • What is the warranty on the product?
    Closet Outlet warrants the Revolving Storage Unit 100% for all material and manufacturing issues. The shipping process is also fully insured by our own insurance agents. If you find any damage to the material or find any manufacturing defects, please feel free to register a complaint using our "Contact" webpage: Closet Outlet does not warranty parts broken during this process. Our warranty covers faulty materials and manufacturing or damages while shipping the product to you. If any damage occurs once you take possession, then we cannot be held responsible for this.
  • My ROTAS Bearing doesn't have enough ball bearings in it - Why?
    The ROTAS Bearing is engineered with special materials to be most efficient when the ball bearings are not touching each other. In fact the Bearing works better as the ball bearings are removed. Although removing too many ball bearings will also not be efficient, and therefore we recommend around 75% of the ROTAS Bearing raceway be filled with the ball bearings. The ball bearings don't have to be "spaced" equally and once the top raceway is placed on it and rotated a couple of times, the ball bearings will find their own spacing.

Petite Series



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Standard Colors

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Non-Standard Heights

Any height to a maximum of 12 feet is available (Design Fee Applicable).


Special Colors

We offer TAFISA Melamine Board Colors and Textures. Please review the available items at and allow us to give you an estimate with your choice of materials.

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